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Regard was a professional makeup artist in the fashion and commercial industry for over a decade turn certified life coach. Her focus is on self-development, self-love, and mindset. Her strong work ethic and people skill as an artist has landed her on many magnificent projects and well-known brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Project Runway, JCrew, Nike, Levi's, Bobbi Brown, among many other amazing clients. Regard always knew her gift is to create a trusting relationship with her clients by making them look and feel beautiful about themselves. Despite finding success, Regard felt unfulfilled and dissatisfied in her work. But the silver lining was that her career in cosmetics would lead her to a bigger mission.

Regard’s friendly, fun-loving and trustworthy character attracts many clients in her coaching practice. She believes everyone is enough and beautiful in their own way. Her compassion and kindness help clients to achieve their goals and help them bring out a better version of themselves. Regard is committed to giving each individual client exceptional service, full and nonjudgmental support, and authentic communication.

Regard enjoys a homemade matcha latte and healthy nourishing breakfasts every morning. She draws inspiration from her favorite podcast: The School of Greatness. She is a mom of her 20 houseplant babies.

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Certificate Qualification:

Health Coach Institute 

(CCE Accredited from the International Coach Federation (ICF) approved)

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint

(Program by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi)

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Do you feel like you are stuck in life and have no work-life balance? My mission is to guide ambitious professionals to find balance in life. No matter if you are a busy working mom, a CEO of a company who focuses all your energy at work or an entrepreneur putting all your time into your business. I'm here to guide and support you to find the right method that fits your life. The end goal is not feeling guilty about allowing yourself to take time off for yourself, while you are kicking ass at work and getting the promotion or revenue you deserve. No more half-assing on every category in your life, I'm here to show you how to show up fully and feel empowered.

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