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What is a Life Coach?

The definition of a life coach is a professional who can help you excel in all areas of life. Having a coach by your side is like having an accountability partner, a cheerleader, a guide with fresh perspectives, a best friend with tough love, all rolled into one.

What can you as a life coach do for me?


My fun-loving and nonjudgemental coaching style helps you to unlock your true self and inner power. We can create this safe place together and help you find the clarity and fulfillment you were looking for. Here are some areas I focus on to add value in your life:


  • Nurture personal growth

  • Practice self care/self love

  • Identify limiting beliefs 

  • Articulate core values

  • Empower yourself 

  • Obtain work and personal life balance

  • Learn to communicate in an effective way

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What can I expect from my coaching sessions?

01. A Transformational Conversation

As a coach, I don’t just give you advice. I use active listening skills and ask powerful sequential questions to understand your thoughts and build a roadmap. A valuable coaching conversation can provide a fresh perspective and transform the way you look at life.

02. A Trustworthy Relationship

A coach is one of your best cheerleaders. I’ll support you at every angle and remind you when things aren’t realistic. A transparent relationship can help me to guide you to have different perspectives.

03. A Support System

A coach helps you to stay on track, overcome obstacles and transform your desires into solid goals. With my support, encouragement, and accountability, you can achieve far more than you accomplish alone.

04. A Powerful Transformation

A coach doesn’t hand you a solution. He/she guides you to think through and solve problems on your own. I’m here to lead your way, instead of telling you what to do. No one likes to be told what they should do. I’ll show you different kinds of tools, so you can develop your own tool box to solve any challenges down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know we are a right fit?

Would you purchase a car without a test drive? Heck no!!! I highly recommend scheduling a complementary  consultation to get a sense of my coaching style. I wouldn’t want my clients to commit to a service that they've never tried.

How long do I need to commit to working with you?

When you’ve decided to work with me after the complementary consultation, we will discuss what is the best next step for you. 

I really like working with you after my sessions/program. Can I continue working with you? 

Yessss, absolutely!! I enjoy working with you as much as you enjoy working with me. There’s no time limit to our coaching relationship.

What if I'm self-conscious to hire a life coach?

No body thinks twice when hiring a fitness coach/trainer. Mental training is equally important as physical training, if not, even more so. The difference between a life coach versus a fitness coach is that after gaining physical muscle and/or losing that extra ten pounds, there is always a chance you may revert back. With your personal growth, you will only move forward. Not to mention, personal growth is extremely attractive!

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