Regard Tang Coaching

You’re the right person in the right place

You’re in the right place, because you want guidance on…


  • Self Development 

  • Self Care / Self Love

  • Building Confidence 

  • Overcoming Mental Roadblocks

  • Coping with Stress and Overwhelm 

  • Reducing Negative Self-talk

  • Achieving Goals

  • Encouragement

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Ask yourself if any of these resonate with you…

01. You feel stuck

You feel stuck in life no matter what you do. You try to move forward, but you can’t get out of a rut. Sometimes you even lose motivation and don’t know which direction to go because of this “stuck” mentality. You wonder what’s next and how you can break loose.

02. You constantly have negative self-talk

You hear loudly from your mind, “I’m not enough,” “I'm not worthy,” “I'm not beautiful,” “I will never get what I want,” etc. We are all masters of self-talk. It could be due to society, past trauma, upbringing or just limited beliefs. But you wonder if you have to live under that shadow for the rest of your life.

03. Your life isn’t fulfilling

You went to college, got a degree, and a well-paying job. But deep down, you know what you are doing doesn’t fulfill you 100%. And you start questioning if this lifestyle is what you want long-term.

04. You love personal development and personal growth
You are an ambitious person and try to constantly improve yourself. You love reading books and listening to podcasts on personal development. However, you are unsure how to apply the concepts on a daily basis. You talk to your friends and family, but it seems like no one understands or no one can help you to push through to the next level.

If any of these resonate with you,

I can totally relate!!

These are the challenges I had for years! I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles to New York City to chase my dream of being a professional makeup artist. I thought working with all the amazing well-known brands I would be happy. That was a complete misconception. The busier my life got, the more burdened I felt. I was mentally struggling and couldn't find peace. I got pulled from different directions and lost my balance. Along with accumulating huge debt that I couldn’t get out of for over 8 years. Feeling overwhelm was a major burden on my daily life. Each day I asked myself, “What am I doing in life and why am I stuck?” I hit rock bottom and didn’t feel fulfilled until I gave myself a chance and met a therapist. She led me to find balance and clarity. We are all masters of self-talk. Some are better than others on positive reinforcement. However, when we are so shortsighted we can't see the bigger picture. Getting professional guidance can be life changing.


Lisa M.

Regard is an amazing coach. She cuts through all the BS and lovingly pushes me to level up! She gave me so much clarity from our sessions. I feel supported from what I need. Her encouraging attitude helps me to focus on my goals and bring out a better version of myself. I feel great!!

Warren Y.

Regard has been an absolute pleasure to work with through the 90 days program. Her ability to communicate, connect, and reframe my mindset has been truly transformational for me. I wouldn't be this far along in my goals without her guidance and patience throughout this process. Thank you so much for your support.

Dorcas T.

Regard is very personable and positive. It was so fun to talk to her each week. I went through the 90-day program with her and looking back on where we started, I was able to meet most of the goals that I set for myself. That was really cool to see the progress. Thank you for coaching me and encouraging me to meet the goals.