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How to Decompress

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Finding ways to decompress is how a lot of people beat burnout and find little joys in life. Oddly enough, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to decompress but instead of making you guess which is which, here is a list of ways to unload stress and anxiety.

Tip #1 - Books

Books can be the ultimate way to decompress. They can take you away from your screen—though there are apps you can read on and tablet-like devices, some people still enjoy picking up a paper book and setting their phone down. Reading is great for the brain! Not only are you possibly learning new words but you can also find yourself imagining out the scenarios you read and that takes a lot of brain power.

Tip #2 - Yoga

Implementing yoga into our daily lives is a great way to ground ourselves and our energy. Moving our bodies is good for us, especially if you find yourself sitting in front of a computer or at a desk often. Moves like “bowing warrior” and “sinking runners lunge” are the best places to start. While you’re doing yoga, consider this.. Jessica Richburg on YouTube has some amazing videos for you to get started with!

Tip #3 - Meditation

Meditation is a masterful way to bring us back to the present. You can do it anywhere and at any appropriate time. With meditation, you are able to work on your breathing and help your mind let go of current stress and anxiety. It’s especially helpful to be in a comfortable position which is why it can also be used while doing yoga.

Tip #4 - Music

Music can be the most fun way to decompress. There are so many different genres and you can browse through until you find the perfect artist or song to help you do so. Another fantastic thing about using music to decompress is that you can mostly listen to it everywhere. I’m sure you know someone who listens to high energy music before work or during a workout. Music is a beautiful way to let go and melt into the sounds or lyrics of life.

Tip #5 - Nature

You’d think that nature would be an obvious way to decompress but it doesn’t always have to be a hike. Some people feel more content by the ocean while some like to just hangout in a park with their loved ones. Nature is a great way to shake off stress and anxiety because it takes us back to our roots and the simpler times of humanity when the focus was living life and enjoying the harvest or hunt. Human beings are nature, why wouldn’t you want to divulge in it?


In the long run, stress and anxiety can be bad for us overall. Decompression in itself may seem hard or even impossible in our day to day lives but we can start whenever we want to. You deserve to have moments that are free of stress and anxiety throughout your day, you can even schedule it. Self-care is important, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

-Regard Tang


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