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The Difference Between Coaching and Therapy

One of the things we might decide to do on our life journey is finding ways to better ourselves. There’s a slew of things we can do for this: eat healthier, go to the gym, volunteer in the community or go back to school. But there’s a tried-and-true method that is always helpful: seeking help from an outside source.


Usually, this person is a therapist of some sort or a life coach. Now, you may want to pursue this avenue but you’re realizing, you don’t know the difference between the two. Luckily, you can find a quick comparison below.

When deciding between the two types of help, consider what you’re seeking.

A therapist should help you focus on healing. Whether it’s unresolved problems within your family, relationships or yourself, a therapist can help you unravel those hard to deal with feelings. This means that a therapist overall works with your past. We can’t thrive and grow if we can’t make peace with who we used to be.

A life coach helps you focus on your goals. Whether it’s starting a new routine, moving to a new city or just getting to the next chapter of your life, a life coach is there to help you set up the safeguards and steps to achieve those things. Overall, they’re there to help you with your future.

Both of these people can be very helpful in your life, and you can even utilize them at the same time. Hopefully, this explanation between the two will help you realize what you’re currently trying to get out of life and how best to go about it.

If you are wondering, is life coaching what you need at the moment? Book a 45 mins complimentary Clarity Session with your empowerment coach Regard Tang to find a work-life balance, self-acceptance, and inner peace.

- Regard Tang

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