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How to deal with burnout?

Burnout is not a joke.

We have all been very familiar with it now to the extent that for some of us, it is a repetitive cycle due to the fast-paced lifestyle they might experience. It’s been this monster that creeps into our day and steals it from us. But we have got the power to reinstate ourselves and heal from it.

So, here are a few tips that can surely help you deal with burnout and maybe even avoid it happening in the first place:

#1: Be open and honest with yourself

Recognize the signs, and when you know something is causing you an intense feeling of stress, try to distance yourself from it, journal about it, or even better, take a break

#2: Saying no is okay

Identify the simple changes you can make around your work or home and make it easier for yourself by always remembering to say NO to the things you cannot fulfill.


#3: Take breaks

Permit yourself to take a break; it is always a great idea to take some time to relax, meditate, reconnect with yourself, or even have coffee with your best friend to let some steam off and clarify your mind to refocus again on what’s essential for you.

#4: Speak with people you trust

Talk to one of your trusted circles, a family member, friend, therapist, or coach, to help you navigate your burnout phase and support you emotionally.


#5: Be kind and patient with yourself

Practice self-compassion; tell yourself that it is ok to lose control or feel drained sometimes. Remember to use kind words and imagine if one of your friends is going through burnout in their life and how you would offer them empathy and kindness to comfort them. Be kind to yourself.

- Regard Tang


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