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How to Improve Communication in Your Relationships?

Communication is how we connect—whether it’s verbal, written, visual or nonverbal—we have a lot to say and different ways to display it. Something about communication that we might not realize is that it’s different between everyone in our lives. Those different groups include, but are not limited to: friendships, coworkers, family and romantic partners. In all of our important relationships, we must communicate that we have boundaries. Some may find it harder to do so with one group than the other.

We must also establish not just the styles we communicate but which groups need which style, for example, you might not speak casually to your parents and coworkers as you might your friends and partner.

Don’t forget that the people in your life also have a way to communicate to you that they prefer. Remember, communication isn’t supposed to be harsh or violent so if it feels that way, you should say something. You deserve respect in all avenues of communication and it’s also what you should give. In that regard, show empathy when speaking to better get a grip of where the conversation should go and how it should get there.


In order to be a great communicator, you must also be a great listener. Sometimes we notice that people are not listening, they’re just waiting until it’s their time to talk. Don’t be that person, ask clarifying and open-ended questions to let the person you’re communicating with know that you understand and hear them.


Communicating is one of the most important things that we do multiple times a day, though we can’t be perfect at it, we can practice and aim to be better at it.

- Regard Tang

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