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Why Mental Health is Important Too

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Is your mental health your first priority?

We hear a lot of preaching about physical health—be mindful of what you eat, stay active and take your vitamins—and that’s because it’s absolutely necessary and helpful! Being physically healthy is important to live a thriving life and eliminates a lot of medical risks. You know what’s just as important in regard to your health? Mental health!

When your mental health is compromised, several parts of your life can be affected: work, family, friendships, romantic relationships, even physical health.

(A book called The Body Keeps the Score from Bessel van der Kolk M.D. talks about how your mind affects your body.) Everyone has different ways that their mental health problems affect them. It can be biological, from childhood trauma, even develop overtime by life experiences. There isn’t a right or wrong way for mental health issues to manifest. In Mental Health America’s study shows 46 percent of Americans will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition sometime in their life. That includes Anxiety, addiction/substance usage, depression, bipolar, PTSD, suicidal thoughts, etc.


Once you think you may be dealing with mental health issues, there are several avenues to seek help. The ideal place to begin will be with a therapy consult. A therapist or a psychologist can help you get a diagnosis, so you know what you’re dealing with. There are several ways for people to get in front of a mental health professional. It starts with insurance but if you don’t have that, look for federally qualified health centers, nonprofits or community resources. Some local psychology training institutes or schools can provide services for a set amount of time, or you can see if you qualify for Medicaid’s free therapy.

Admitting that you are out of balance and need help can be tough.

It could take a few therapists in order to find your match, but it is worth it when you get your foot in the door. Your mental health issues aren’t your fault at all but it’s up to you to improve them.

**If you need support in this area, please reach out to me and I will happily help you. Xx

- Regard Tang


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